About Us

Welcome to the Michigander Store. Everything on our site is proudly Made in the USA, and our apparel & hats are decorated locally in Michigan.
Proudly representing our products is Mitch E. Gander. Mitch is a goose that enjoys Michigan living and is happy to be called a Michigander.

While watching the news one day about imports, I began to think “what in my house is American made?” Let’s see; my TV – from Japan, my kitchen appliances – from Mexico, my jeans – from Guatemala. Looking round I came to realize my watch, my phone, my shoes, and my clothes are all from overseas. Besides my food, I don’t have too many choices to buy things from the USA. And besides my Jeep, it seems I don’t have too many choices to buy things made in Michigan. So I thought I need to do my part and buy American and Michigan made products whenever possible for three reasons. One – it’s just the right thing to do. Two – American made products are better. Third – buying American and Michigan made products will help strengthen our economy. Let’s look at a hypothetical example; if you buy one of my shirts, you get a quality t-shirt that looks really cool and I will make a small profit. With that profit, I can go out and buy lunch at a local restaurant. When I eat that lunch, I will indirectly be passing on money to the bakery who supplied the bread for my sandwich, the farmer who supplied the lettuce and tomato and the butcher who supplied the roast beef (mmm-roast beef). When I am finished, I will leave a tip for the person who waited on me. They will all have a few bucks in their pocket now to spend on something. Multiply that by the millions of people in Michigan; if we all make a conscious effort to buy Michigan made products, we can turn Michigan around. And if you were to buy two of my shirts, we could get there twice as fast.

You should feel good knowing that not only will you be supporting Made in USA, Made in Michigan, and Earth Friendly manufacturing, but you will also be helping Michigan kids. $1 from every shirt purchase is donated to the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign.

To show your Michigan pride, please post your pictures on our Facebook page wearing Mitch at your favorite Michigan location.